Why TW Three Kingdoms needs an Avatar multiplayer mode

Creative Assembly released a new historical game this year, in a setting that, up to now, has only been on the wishlist of players, ancient China.... it just might be very close to being the BEST Total War game. But... how is the multiplayer? And where is the Avatar conquest mode?


Open Beta, the new Demo

...And it was all the rage for video gamers, in the '90s, as they would get hold of a new game demos on a CD. ... Beta version of a game is only the first working version of the game which has all of it's content attached. ... Today's closed and open betas are short in duration, they give the players just enough time to try out the game but don't allow them the lose the all important WOW factor.


Cheating is for everyone, but not everywhere

You know that time when you where already thinking how this is your best game ever, and then suddenly it was: GAME OVER? But the way you lost didn't add up, didn't make any sense. That was the time you got cheated on... The question on your mind now is the same question millions or more likely billions of people have had, since time in memorial, because cheating is as old as games themselves. I am talking throwing two rocks next to each other old. Why did the other player cheat?