Once your read my blog posts, you might start to wonder why did I even write that particular blog post, or why did I write it in such a way, about that particular subject. In this about section of my blog, you can read a short: “About me” post, and a small: “Why I wrote about…” post, every time I put up something new on my blog.

About me

My name is Peter, while I use the perafilozof nickname because it’s something that was given to me by my peers in elementary school on account of the things I talked about and the way I talked about them. Simply put I would philosophize about subjects that I cared about or found interesting. Most of them didn’t like that, hence the nickname, but I never shied away from it, in fact I embraced it and made it my brand. You can learn more about it in one of my videos on my YouTube channel.

Why I wrote about: First, the Start Screen

I wrote it because I consider that the Ideas are what energizes a developer into making a video game. But, once those Ideas are actually translated into the real video games, they lose most of their uniqueness, because of the process of making games with tools available at that moment, which are finely tuned for already set ways of making video games. This limits the new Ideas into becoming only a shadow of them self’s, and only a variation on the known, already made video games. Which is why developers, and people funding developers, need to find ways to expand on the toolkits they use with new tools and technologies before turning their new Ideas into video games. Sometimes, only looking at the Idea, and the ways to turn it into a video game, in a new light or from a fresh perspective is enough to crate something totally new and never before seen.

Why I wrote about:
Cheating is for everyone, but not everywhere

I wrote it because a lot of my favorite games, multiplayer games, where totally ruined for me by cheaters. It was simply too disheartening to keep playing, knowing that each time a cheater could simply ruin my experience in a single second, and waste my time in the game. Just having that constant pressure, of a possible cheater, kept me from fully enjoying my games. Which is why I often thought about the reasons why do some players cheat when most players play fairly. And this mental deconstruction of the cheating subject helped me get back some of my will to play, ispite of the constant possibility of running into a cheater.

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